Firmware Clarke tech 5000 Combo Plus

Firmware Clarke Tech 5000 HD Combo Plus

F16 New Firmware 241p for Clarke Tech 5000 HD Combo Plus

In the firmware test the following innovations:

– A new loader 500, allows you to unload not only the setting of the stick, but the very firmware.

– Unloading the setting of connections to external cards (CSinfo.txt) moved into the Software Update menu for convenience.

– Updated infobar (double-Info): a brief conclusion EPG is combined with the withdrawal of the extended EPG for ease of reading the contents of transmission.

– Updated default settings of satellites and transponders BISS keys (you need to reset all settings to the factory to start using them).

– Faster access to the menu, the green button – no annoying windows with warnings.

– Finalized mode Home balls through RS232: now uses a reliable manual selection mode receiver Master or Slave (Slave can be 6 doctors).

– Added selection algorithm with external cards in problem situations (by default, both the repeat is advisable to keep switched off to avoid the possibility of obtaining ban):

Retry = on / off (retry sending ECM after the end of time waiting for a response Timeout, with fast response and short time-out allows you to automatically detect the PID working or cid of several possible brute force with repetition);

Reloud = on / off (re-authorize the connection in case of failure on the server, it is useful when connecting to newcamd compatible server type mpcs, oscam …..)

– Amendments to working with Biss

– In the mode spectrum of the total added output signal power to quickly pre-assess the degree of targeting to the satellite.

– To further reduce response time to commands from the remote to navigate through the list of channels and on other menus. The doctor is a receiver with a really brisk menus.

Firmware Clarke tech 5000 Combo Plus

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